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Walter MacDonald

DV UMa 20050213

A 4-hour light curve of DV Ursae Majoris, showing two eclipses.

DV UMa 20050211

Light curve (almost 3 hours) of DV Ursae Majoris on 2005 Feb 11/12.  The red boxes are DV's measured brightness and the eclipse is evident.

RASC HQ 2009-16

This is a panorama of the RASC's national office--which makes it look more spacious than it actually was.

Comet 252P (LINEAR)

10" f/6.3 LX-200 telescope, SXV-H9 camera.  Exposure 14x30s (through a Johnson "V" filter), straddling the end of astronomical twilight on Mon/Tue, April 4/5, 2016.


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