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rasckc custom Tshirts

Greetings! After many years of attempts, we are finally going ahead with a preordered, custom-ordered, logo'd tshirt for an all in cost of $15! Yes, only $15! If you are interested and are coming to the Holiday Dinner on Thursday December 8th, please bring along your order info and $15 payment.
You can always email me direct (kevin (at) starlightcascade (dot) ca ) and I can send you an image of the shirt on a supermodel and size,style, and colour info in a 2 page PDF.  We hope to get at least 10 paid orders by the end of the December dinner meeting so I can put the order in and have them back for the January meeting (pickup only). I am really pleased that we are able to do this custom order method over the general method of buying a selection of random sizes and normally only one colour and then having a lot unsold after the fact. In the future (probably January), we will get our embroidered logo sample and see if the quality  is good enough to warrant another custom order. Any questions? please do not hesitate to ask. 

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