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Centre members receive these publications:

  • Regulus, the centre's newsletter (up to 10 PDF issues per year)
  • Journal of the RASC (6 PDF issues per year)
  • Bulletin of the RASC (12 e-mail/HTML issues per year)
  • Observer's Handbook (1 paper issue per year)
  • SkyNews (6 paper issues per year, Canadian residents only)

Choose starting and ending years.
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1991 Mar-Apr
thumbnail image
1991 Jan-Feb
thumbnail image
1990 Nov-Dec
thumbnail image
1990 Sep-Oct
thumbnail image
1990 Jun-Aug
thumbnail image
1990 Mar-Apr
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1990 Jan-Feb
thumbnail image
1989 Oct-Nov
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1989 Aug-Sep
Regulus, June-July 1990
1989 Jun-Jul
Regulus, April-May 1989
1989 Apr-May
Regulus, Feb-Mar 1989 Issue
1989 Feb-Mar


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