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1982 Calendar of Events

Meetings held in room 222 of Ellis Hall at 8:00 p.m.
January 8 The G.A. Paper: An Observatory Building Project - Leo Enright
January 22 The Scandinavian Eclipse - David Stokes
February 12 Observing and Photographing Aurora - Leo Enright
February 26 A Study of Another Type of Star - Gerald Schieven
March 12 Stars (Another Type) - Ted Hsu
April 2
Astronomy in the Bible - Dr. A. V. Douglas

On April 2nd, we were very honoured to have Dr. Douglas, our honorary president, present a superb talk entitled "Astronomy In The Bible". It was indeed fascinating to hear of the many celestial references in the Old Testament and to consider how well its authors must have known the ways and the lore of the heavens. [Ref: Regulus, Jun/Jul 1982, p1]

April 16
Meteorites - Dr. Ian Halliday

On April 16th we enjoyed a dinner with and a most interesting talk given by Dr. Ian Halliday, (then) our national president. The topic "Meteorite Research In Canada" was one that fascinated everyone present--to such an extent that Dr. Halliday must have wondered if we would ever get to the end of our questions about meteorites. [Ref: Regulus, Jun/Jul 1982, p1]

April 30
Determining Latitude - Terry Hicks

On April 30th Terry Hicks presented a well-researched talk on the topic "Finding Your Latitude With Great Precision". It was a delight to have an excellent mathematical astronomer talk on his area of special expertise.
[Ref: Regulus, Jun/Jul 1982, p1]

May 1
Astronomy Day

The Mall Display at Frontenac Mall was well organised with exhibitions of equipment, astrophotography, gases, and literature on the society. Public interest was very good with several people asking to join our centre immediately. For arranging the displays and giving hours of their time we must thank Angelika, our president, John Hansen, Ruth and Terry Hicks, David Stokes, Leo Enright, and several others.

The Public Star Night at MacDonald Park was very successful with five telescopes being used to give views of planets, lunar craters, and even a few other objects. Though clouds occasionally interrupted the viewing, the time was well spent with many people pleasantly surprised at seeing Saturnian rings or Jovian moons for the very first time. [Ref: Regulus, Jun/Jul 1982, p1]

May 14 Astrophotographs - Leo Enright
May 15
...our centre was again invited to provide a resource person at the Ontario Camping Association's Leadership Camp on May 15th. The event took place on the beautiful grounds of Camp Oconto near Tichborne with summer camp leaders from many parts of the province in attendance, but once again the evening had its pouring rain. Since observing was impossible, the entire evening was devoted to a talk on astronomy in general and celestial events of the coming summer--as well as a slide show--given by Leo Enright.
[Ref: Regulus, Jun/Jul 1982, p2]
May 20-23 RASC GA (Saskatoon)
May 28
Speaker: Peter Jedicke (Exchange with RASC London Centre)

Peter Jedicke visited us and talked about recent activities of the London Centre. His interesting talk and slide presentation covered the London Centre's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, with Bart Bok as their special guest, and his trip to the 1982 General Assembly in Saskatoon.
[Ref: Regulus, Jun/Jul 1982, p1]

June 5
On June 5th four of our members--Angelika Hackett, Terry and Ruth Hicks, and Leo Enright--headed out to Presqu'ile Provincial Park to put on an astronomical display and star night for a large gathering of Cubs. The event was called a Cubaree but the weather for the occasion was far from cooperative with rain deluging the campsite for hours. In spite of the conditions and lack of power for our slide show, the whole group of Cubs and their leaders heard a talk on astronomy by Leo and at least saw what a telescope looks like. [Ref: Regulus, Jun/Jul 1982, p1]


June 11 Members' Night: Reports on recent Scouts and campground visits.
June 25 Report on recent observing in Arizona - Gerald Schieven
July 5
Total Lunar Eclipse:

The very long lunar eclipse of July 5th-6th was well observed in this area, at least until after the beginning of the total phase. During totality intermittent cloudiness hindered observations, but there was enough clear sky to observe one of the darkest eclipses seen by many observers. A dark orangish tint was seen, in the southern part of the moon especially.
[Ref: Regulus, Aug/Sep 1982, p6]

July 9 Discussion of Summer Plans; Leo Enright and Andrew Skelly showed astro-slides.
July 23 Arabic Star Names - David Stokes
August 13 Public group slide show - Leo Enright
August 27 Practising Astronomy in the Shadow of Kitt Peak - David Levy
September 10 Astronomical Experiences - David Levy
September 24 Leo Enright & Jeff Fret showed astro-slides.
October 15 Slides of Aurora and Other Astrophotography - Leo Enright
October 29 Mathematical Formulas to Help the Observer and Astrophotographer - Leo Enright
November 12 A Review of the Book: Practical Astronomy with Your Calculator - Terry Hicks
November 26
Annual Meeting: The Banquet and Annual Meeting of November 26th made that date a very memorable one for many members of the Kingston Centre. It was "a veritable feast" at Aunt Lucy's Restaurant with perhaps more amateur astronomers in attendance than the place had ever seen before. The meeting which followed gave an indication of the strength and vigour of our centre...
Read the full report in Regulus, Dec 1982, pp.1-2.
December 12 The Algonquin Radio Observatory - Gerald Schieven
December 30
Total Lunar Eclipse

[References for 1982 meeting dates: Regulus, Oct/Nov 1981, p.4; Feb/Mar 1982, p.6;
Jun/Jul 1982, p5, Oct/Nov 1982, p7]

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