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1981 Calendar of Events

Meetings were held at two-week intervals on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month at 8:00 p.m. in Room 222 of Ellis Hall at Queen's University.
[Ref: Regulus, December 1980, page 3-4, item #1.]
January 9
At our first meeting of 1981 we were pleased to have in attendance Doug Baker of the Edmonton Centre. Doug was returning briefly to Kingston and was able to report on astronomical projects in the Edmonton area.
[Ref: Regulus, January 1981, page 2, item #1.]
January 23  
February 13  
February 27
It was a pleasure to have Peter Jedicke and Tom Glinos with us for our meeting on February 27th. The Kingston-London speaker exchange has been going on for several years now and once again Peter's talk and slide presentation made for an interesting meeting. Seeing slides taken in Tucson at the astronomy capital of the world was most enjoyable.
[Ref: Regulus, February 1981, page 3-4, item #1.]
March 13  
March 27  
April 10  
April 24  
May 8  
May 22  
June 12  
June 26  
June 26-29 RASC GA (Victoria) - Report in Regulus, Aug-Sept 1981, page 1.
July 10  
July 24  
August 14
Our meeting of August 14th was a very special one at which David levy, our vice-president talked about his observing and work in Tucson.
[Ref: Regulus, Aug-Sept 1981, page 3, item #5.]
August 28  
August 30
On Sunday, August 30th, over a dozen people spent a couple of hours exploring the Holleford Meteorite Crater. I was delighted to show off our half-billion- year-old meteorite impact site to seven people from the Syracuse Astronomical Society and several from our own centre. A vote of appreciation should go to Sue Rugelis for bringing along the interested group from Syracuse. We hope they enjoyed the trip as much as we enjoyed showing them the crater.
[Ref: Regulus, Aug-Sept 1981, page 3, item #8.]
September 11  
September 25  
October 16  
october 30  
November 8
Holleford Meteorite Crater outing (?)
[Ref: Regulus, Oct-Nov 1981, page 4, item #9.]
November 13  
November 27 Dinner at Aunt Lucy's restaurant (6:15 p.m.), Annual Meeting (8:00 p.m.).
December 11  

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