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1980 Calendar of Events

Meetings were held at two-week intervals on Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. in Room 222 of Ellis Hall at Queen's University.
February 21
We want to thank Peter Jedicke and Tom Glinos, stalwart members of the London Centre, who came to our meeting on February 21st. Peter provided us with a genuine treat when he showed us a tape of his Cable-T.V. program and a tape and slides from his trip to southern Arizona. As well as hearing from David, we could for the first time vicariously view his home and observation site in the land of clear, steady skies.
[Ref: Regulus, Feb. 1980, page 3.]
March 6  
March 20  
April 3
At our meeting of April 3rd we were pleased to see some good photographs taken by Angelika on her recent trip to Tucson, Arizona, the "astronomy capital of the world". She enjoyed her trip and saw first-hand many of the sites and instruments others have seen only in pictures.
[Ref: Regulus, March,April 1980, page 3.]
May 26 Dr. A.V. Douglas on her eclipse trip to India
Full report in Regulus, June 1980, pages 1-2.
June 12  
June 26  
June 27-30 RASC GA (Halifax) - Report in Regulus, June 1980, pages 1-2.
July 10  
July 24  
August 7  
August 21  
August 30
Centre dinner with special guest David Levy
[Ref: Regulus, September 1980, page 3.]
September 4  
September 18  
October 2  
Sunday, October 5 Holleford Meteorite Crater outing, guided by Leo Enright.
October 15  
October 30  
November 13
It was a thrill to hear Dr. Covington's talk on Radio Astronomy and his involvement in that field over many years. It is not often that we have as interesting or wonderful a talk as we had on November 13th.
[Ref: Regulus, December 1980, page 4.]
November 27 Annual Meeting
December 11
Andrew Ager will give the first of several talks he has prepared on NASA and its work in space exploration. We look forward to this and to his future presentations in January or February.
[Ref: Regulus, November 1980, page 3.]
Andrew Ager stimulated a very interesting discussion on NASA at our December 11th meeting. There were many aspects of the space program that were dealt with and most or all of those present participated very well in an excellent exchange of ideas.
[Ref: Regulus, December 1980, page 4.]

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