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2003 Calendar of Events

Fri, Jan 10
Regular Meeting

Student presentations on spacecraft were cancelled due to weather. Doug Angle did an extended "What's up tonight?", and Jan Wisniewski showed some of his fine astronomical images.

Friday Feb 14 Regular Meeting
Topic: How to do a Messier Marathon
Speaker: Jan Wisniewski (Kingston)

Jan Wisneiwski - "How to do a Messier Marathon" Jan showed how he prepares for and conducts a Messier Marathon, including some of his experiences in his 3 attempts to see all 110 Messier objects in one night.

Reports: Regulus, 2003 March, page 2.

Friday March 14 Regular Meeting
Topic: Using Star Charts and Starhopping Speaker: Doug Angle

Our scheduled speaker was not able to attend. Doug Angle led an exercise in using the handbook, planisphere and star charts to find a Messier object by star hopping.

Friday April 11 Topic: The Quest for the Theory of Everything
Speaker: Dan Falk

Dan presented a historical overview and latest theories of the unified field theory.

Wed, May 7th 7:30pm Regular Meeting
Speaker: Dr. David Levy (Kingston Centre)
Topic: Shakespeare's King Lear and the Eclipses of 1605: A Cosmic Unit of Science and Art (and three science fair student projects).
Location: Stirling Hall Theatre D.
(doublebooked.. moved to Chernoff Hall Amphitheatre)

David gave and enthusiastic talk on historical comets and his own early experiences in astronomy. We were joined by the Astronomy winners from the Regional Science Fair.

Fri, May 9
Regular Meeting
Topic: Astro Imaging Techniques
Speaker: Dr. Rajiv Gupta

Rajiv showed his techniques for capturing and processing astro images with film, digital scanners and Registar®.

May 10
Astronomy Day

Reports: 2003 June, pp. 4-5,10. , 2003 July, page 5.

Friday June 13 Regular Meeting
Topic: Astro Imaging Techniques
Speaker: Dr. Rajiv Gupta (RASC Vancouver)
Friday July 11 Regular Meeting
Topic: Amerigo Vespucci's Measurements of Longtitude
Speaker: Richard Jones (Kingston)

Richard presented his research proposing that Amerigo Vespucci made accurate measurements of longitude in the new world in the early 16th century, much earlier that commonly thought.

Fri, Aug 8
Annual BBQ at Mark Kaye's
Topic: Observing Under Urban Skies
Speaker: Geoff Gaherty
Fri, Sep 12
Regular Meeting
Topic: Transits of Mercury and Venus
Speaker: Leo Enright

Leo presented the causes and patterns of transits of the inner planets, along with some fascinating stories of early transit expeditions.

Sep 26-28

Report: Regulus, 2003 October, pp. 3-4.

Fri, Oct 10
Members' Night
  • Mark Kay - showed some of his latest slides
  • Doug Angle - Tides
  • Leo Brodeur - showed some of his aurora pictures
  • Laura Gagnon - The Antikythera Mechanism"
  • Mike Earl - Finding Lost Satellites
  • Dieter Bruechner - The Ries Crater
Fri, Nov 14
Regular Meeting
Topic: Magnetic Activity of the Sun and Stars
Speaker: Gregg Wade
Sat, Nov 29
Annual Awards Banquet
Topic: Will Polaris stop Pulsing?
Speaker: David Turner, St. Mary's University
Location: Harbour Restaurant, Portsmouth Olympic Harbour
Fri, Dec 12
Regular Meeting
Topic: Solstice Celebrations
Speaker: Peggy Hurley

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