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1993 Calendar of Events

Fri, Jan 8
The Solar System: Then Now and Later - Kevin Kell
Fri, Feb 12
Planets and Parchment, Astronomical Hebraica - Ian Levstein
Fri, Mar 12
Eclipses in the 20th Century - Leo Enright
Fri, Apr 2
What's New (Starting from What's Old) in Cosmology: Part 1 - Dr. Richard Henriksen (Queen's Astronomy)
Sat, May 1
International Astronomy Day: Star Party at MacDonald Park
Fri, May 7
The Southern Sky from Las Campanas, Chile - Terence Dickinson

Walter's Notes: So many people were in attendance tonight that it was decided to split the meeting in two. Terry did his talk for the non-RASC members present while the RASC members went to a different room and had a regular meeting for almost 1½ hours. Then Terry did his talk again, just for us! I distributed the 3rd issue of Ridiculous [188KB PDF, members only] at this meeting. Andreas Gada and Bonnie Bird were in attendance.
Terry went to Las Campanas with Alan Dyer (Astronomy magazine) and got absolutely incredible photos. They also spent lots of time using a CCD camera (~500 pixels square) on Jupiter; Doug George is currently processing the pictures. (See Regulus, Jul-Aug 1993, pg. 7) They even saw a feature called the Little Red Spot thanks to the sub-arcsecond seeing.
After the meeting the post-meeting meeting convened at Harvey's. Following this Mark Kaye, Andreas Gada, Terry D., and I went to Tim Horton's (a post-post-meeting meeting?) and talked until almost 02:00. I dropped Andreas off at a B&B in Napanee (Bonnie had left after Terry's first talk to be with friends and therefore had taken the minivan), then proceeded to the farm, arriving at 02:50. There was an aurora going on in the NE but of course it was full moon so I just went to bed!

Sat, May 8
Astronomy Day Mall Dispaly at Frontenac Mall

Report on May events: Regulus, 1993 Jul-Aug, pp. 3-5.
Report on May events: Bulletin, 1993 August, p.5.

Mon, Jun 7
Colour CCD Imaging: The New Frontier in Astronomical Photography - Jack Newton (RASC Victoria Centre)

Announcement: Regulus, 1993 May-Jun, page 10.
Report: Regulus, 1993 Jul-Aug, page 6.

Fri, Jun 11
The Interrupted Journey - Denise Sabatini
Jul 1-5
RASC General Assembly (Halifax)

Report: Regulus, 1993 Sep-Oct, pp. 3-5.
Awards: Regulus, 1993 Sep-Oct, page 6.

Fri, Jul 9
Observing Globular Clusters with the Hubble Space Telescope - Dr. Dave Hanes (Queen's Astronomy)
Fri, Aug 13
What's New (Starting from What's Old) in Cosmology: Part 2 - Dr. Richard Henriksen (Queen's Astronomy)
Sun, Aug 22
Charleston Lake Star Party with Terry Dickinson

Announcement: Regulus, 1993 Jul-Aug, page 7.

Fri, Sep 10
Members' Night
Steve Pellarin (RASC windsor Centre) on Variable Stars; Walter MacDonald - slides from the GA 1993; Steve Manders - Internal Structure of the Sun; Leo Enright - slides on the GA and the talk in Syracuse. [Ref: Minutes, 10 Sep 1993.]
Fri, Oct 1
Year of the Comet: Collision with Jupiter - David Levy

Report: Regulus, 1994 Jan-Feb, page 5.

Fri, Oct 8
Annual General Meeting & Elections

Announcement: Regulus, 1993 Sep-Oct, page 7.
Report: Regulus, 1993 Nov-Dec, pp. 2-3.

Fri, Oct 22
From the Big Bang to Planet X -Terence Dickinson (lecture and book launch)

Report: Regulus, 1994 Jan-Feb, page 5.

Sat, Oct 30
National Council Meeting

Report: Regulus, 1994 Jan-Feb, pp. 4-5.
Report: Bulletin, 1993 December, pp. 6,7,11.

Fri, Nov 12
What is the RASC? Past, Present, and Future - Peter Broughton (RASC National President)
Nov 28

The November 28th total lunar eclipse was graced by completely clear skies all night long out at Oak Heights! Andreas, Jerry & Kwai, Walter, and Paul were present at this magnificent spectacle. Several other members watched from their backyards in and around Toronto.
-AstroTent, Winter 1994, page 3.

Fri, Dec 10
Big Bang or Big Bust? - Bill Broderick
Annual Christmas Dinner McGinnis Landing

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