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1988 Calendar of Events

January 8 Slide Show Astrophotographic Possibilities - Leo Enright
February 12 NetNorth, the Society's New Computer Network - Effie Ginzberg
March 11  
April 8 Light Pollution: An Update - Tom Dey
April 23 International Astronomy Day
May 13 Dr. Vic Hughes from Queen's Astronomy Dept.
June 10  
June 25-
July 3
RASC GA (Victoria): The General Assembly at Victoria from June 27 until July 2 was a memorable gathering of astronomers, the largest convention of its kind that I have ever witnessed with 400 to 500 involved. There were the professionals of every kind, the members of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, the Western Amateur Astronomers, and the R.A.S.C.. or Centre was also represented by Terry and Ruth Hicks, David Levy, Warren Morrison, and John W. Griese III. The organization required for such a gathering was monumental, but our hosts in Victoria managed to do everything in style. [Reference: Regulus, Jul-Oct 1988, p15]
July 8 GA Reports
August 12 Summer Conference Reports
October 14
John W. Griese III...talked to us about his variable star program - one that is amazing because it reaches to what are called "inner sanctum" variables, ones that are extremely faint. [Reference: Regulus, Nov-Dec 1988, p5.]
November 11
Walter MacDonald talked to us about his observatory building project which took place near Thomasburg, Ontario. [Reference: Regulus, Nov-Dec 1988, p5.]
December ?  

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