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1983 Calendar of Events

Meetings were held at two-week intervals on Friday nights at 8:00 p.m. in Room 222 of Ellis Hall at Queen's University. [Ref: Regulus, Mar-Apr 1983, p10]
January 14  
January 28  
February 11
Gerald Schieven: T.B.A. (Stars)
[Ref: Regulus, Jan-Feb 1983, p10]
February 25
Close Binary Systems of Stars - Brian McLean
[Ref: Regulus, Jan-Feb 1983, p10]
March 11
...a very fine talk on the topic Eddington: Astronomer and Theoretical Physicist given by Dr. John Coleman, whose tenure as Head of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Queen's University has spanned the past two decades and whose doctoral thesis was based on Eddington's Fundamental Theory.
[Full report in Regulus, Mar-Apr 1983, p1-2]
March 25 Eddington: Astronomer and Theoretical Physicist - Dr. John Coleman
[Ref: Regulus, Jan-Feb 1983, p10]
April 8 John Hansen: T.B.A. [Ref: Regulus, Mar-Apr 1983, p10]
April 22
Peter Jedicke, Kingston-London Centres' Speaker Exchange Program
[Ref: Regulus, Mar-Apr 1983, p10]
April 23 (Sat) Astronomy Day - Frontenac Mall
May 13 T.B.A. - Mark and Knight Sorensen [Ref: Regulus, Jan-Feb 1983, p10]
May 20-23 RASC GA (Québec City) - Report: Regulus, May-Jun 1983, p4
May 27 Reports from G.A. '83 [Ref: Regulus, Jan-Feb 1983, p10]
June 10 More G.A. Reports [Ref: Regulus, Mar-Apr 1983, p10]
June 24
Summer Plans: Outings, Picnics, and Observing Sessions
[Ref: Regulus, Mar-Apr 1983, p10]

July 3


Our centre owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Mr. Steve Dodson for what he did on July 3rd. On that date, Steve, who is an enthusiastic amateur astronomer from Sudbury, set up his amazing telescope near Odessa and gave us a chance to see and look through this fabulous instrument. His home-built 22" f-7.3 Newtonian is probably the largest portable telescope in the country and it gave us some breath-taking views of deep-sky objects like M 13 and the Ring Nebula. We are also thankful to Terry Dickinson for providing his darksky site for the occasion.
Great show, Steve! It was good to have the chance to meet you. Our centre is still buzzing with talk about your telescope and the work you put into it.
[Ref: Regulus, Jul-Aug 1983, p5]
July 16
Holleford Crater Tour: Our sincere thanks go to the six members of our centre who acted as hosts and guides on July 16 at the Holleford Crater when seven members of the Toronto Centre arrived for a tour of the site. [Ref: Regulus, Jul-Aug 1983, p5]
Report by Walter.
August 12 Perseid Shower Observing Plans [Ref: Regulus, Jul-Aug 1983, p6]
August 26
My Comet Hunting Program - David Levy
...we saw from his fabulous presentation to our centre on August 26th, the skies of the south have not dampened his enthusiasm, but, if anything, increased it. [Ref: Regulus, Sep-Oct 1983, p8]
September 23
Astroslide Presentation - Jocelyn Boily
[Ref: Regulus, Sep-Oct 1983, p9, Sep-Oct 1983, p8]
September 27
Queen's Clubs' Night
[Ref: Regulus, Sep-Oct 1983, p9]
October 14  
October 28  
November 11  
November 25
Annual Dinner and Annual Meeting.
Full report: Regulus, Nov-Dec 1983, p2
December 9
When Is It Possible To Observe Crater Beals? - Leo Enright
[Ref: Regulus, Nov-Dec 1983, p11]

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