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KC Annual Report 2016

Reports of the Kingston Centre Executive and Committee Chairs

President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Auditor
Editor Ast. Day Equipment Loan Fall'N'Stars KAON
OAFTN Relay for Life Responsible Lighting Website NC Rep


  1. Welcome
  2. Presentation of Agenda
  3. Approval of Agenda
  4. Approval of 2015 AGM minutes
  5. Reading of annual reports:
    • President
    • Secretary (report and approval to update at year end.)
    • Treasurer
    • Library
    • NAC Representative }Editor
  6. Centre Elections:
    • Secretary
    • Librarian
    • Editor
    • NC Representative
  7. Appointment of Auditor
  8. Adjourn with thanks
  • Regular Meeting follows the AGM from approx 7:15-9:00 p.m.


It has been a privilege to be able to serve the Centre for the 2015-2016 period. I regret that a number of factors has made it impossible for me to complete my two year term.

Meetings this year were a fascina ng mix of external speakers and member presenta ons – there was a lot to learn. In January, our own Malcolm Park presented his approach to astronomical image processing and displayed a number of spectacular images. In February, Michael Earl introduced us to the world of amateur satellite radio communica ons. March was focused on Richard Weigand’s comple on of the Lunar Observer program. Rick Wagner shared his experiences with a number of the society cer cate programs. In April, due to the usual Queens exam schedule, we tried something di erent – dubbed the Graze and Gaze event. A er the usual end of day gathering at the Queen’s Inn, we headed up to the cemetery where Rose- Marie Behr had made arrangements for the group to use a large open area for observing – it was a terri c night for observing. In May we were introduced to the use of spectropolarimetry to measure the magne c elds of stars by Ma Shultz. And Malcolm Park demonstrated his Raspberry Pi telescope automa on system. As well, Hank Bartle showed his pictures of the Mercury Transit. The Spring season nished in June with member presenta ons on their observatory projects.

The Fall season opened with Marlcolm Park and Brian Hunter showing their images from Chile – Brian had go en back shortly before the mee ng so these were all fresh. And in October we were treated to an introduc on to astronomical sketching by Brian McCullough.

During the year other ac vi es con nued – the KAON Outreach program has continued and been well a ended in the refurbished Queens observatory. And the land search con nues – a number of possibili es have opened up, most recently a large area near Parham that a group visited. Another project was removing the C14 telescope of Leo Enright, donated to the RASC. Our librarian has updated the catalog of books in the KC RASC collec on – the list is posted on the KC website.

I have enjoyed working with the current Execu ve and serving our members. It has been a privilege.

Greg Latiak, KC President


January 14 ....
February 11 ...
March 10 ...
April 14 ...
May 12 ...
June 9 ...
September 8 Member presentations.
October 13 ...
November 10 AGM 2015
December 8 Annual Christmas Banquet, at The Rustic Spud restaurant.


Kim Hay, Secretary




Fund status:
Fall’N’Stars $500
Observatory $17,717
Reserve $500
Special Projects $1,500
General Operating $7,977
Total $28,200

Susan Gagnon, Treasurer


No report.

Doug Angle, KC Auditor 2015-2016

Equipment Loan

As custodian of the majority of the Centres’ Equipment Inventory, I maintain and update the equipment, the equipment inventory manual, and manage equipment loans to members.

The addition of the 8x10 storage shed in 2013 September has been an immense help in being able to store the majority of equipment in one place, as opposed to being scattered about our home and in others homes. No major maintenance of the equipment has had to be performed this past year.

The equipment inventory manual was last updated on 2016 September 21 with the addition of the donated items from the Estate of Leo Enright. The annual eyes-on-inventory will be completed sometime in the coming weeks with another member of the Board and myself going through the list.

Equipment on loan to members has been very quiet the last year. Items remaining offsite as of today include: #7 The Venor 60cm Dobsonian Scope with Doug Angle, one equatorial tracking platform #21 with Brian Hunter, the blue mirror grinding machine #35 with Mark Kaye, the disassembled 16' ash dome #45 with Tessa Clarke, the solar panel #47 with Brian Hunter and the Celestron C14 #49 with John and Peggy Hurley. And I just noticed the Celestron C6 missing from the list, currently at the Queen’s Observatory.

Items that have gone out on loan and returned this past year include the 25cm Douglas Dobsonian telescope, the SQ Meter, the video projector and screen, the sony handycam.

No ideas for new Equipment have been submitted in the last year.

Kevin Kell, Loan Coordinator




Susan Gagnon, KAON Coordinator



THE TABLE BELOW is an eight-year summary of newsletter production.

Year Issues Pages Notes
2009 10 117  
2010 11 93  
2011 8 87 Nov. issue was produced by Kim & Kevin.
2012 8 78  
2013 11 111 One issue of Ridiculous (first in 20 years).
2014 6 76  
2015 5 60 Oct. issue by Kim & Kevin.
2016 7 100 Projected whole-year numbers.

Regulus continues at a modest pace, though the number of pages is up this year thanks to lots of observing reports (including the Transit of Mercury) and David Levy's Skyward column.

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed material to Regulus, either directly or indirectly (via the email lists). Obviously, without these contributions your newsletter would not be possible.

Walter MacDonald, Editor


The website has continued without much difficulty this year. We have been waiting six months so far for a response from the RASC about hosting our site with them. I would like to resolve this one way or another by the end of January. As usual, thanks go to Kevin Kell for maintaining the server infrastructure.

Walter MacDonald, Webmaster

NC Rep

No report.

Rick Wagner, NC Rep


  • No reports for 2016.


Librarian’s Report for the AGM of November 10, 2016.

The Centre’s library is kept at the home of the librarian.
A listing of the books in the main collection can be found through the centre’s web site.
A sign out sheet is kept with the books.
Members can contact the librarian between meetings if they wish to enquire about or borrow a book.
Contact information is in the newsletters.

The most recent acquisition was donated by Kim Hay:
Solar Sketching: A Comprehensive Guide to Drawing the Sun, by Erika Rix, Kim Hay, Sally Russell, and Richard Handy

Suggestions for other books are welcomed.

David Maguire, Librarian


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