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Annual Report 2005

Reports of the Kingston Centre Executive and Committee Chairs

President Secretary Treasurer


This report was also printed in Regulus, 2005 November, pp.2-4.

What a fantastic year!!

The centre has been very active this year, and it could not have happened without all the great volunteers we have that help when and where they can. My words alone cannot express my thanks and gratitude to all our volunteers. It takes a team to make our Centre run, and it did, like, well aligned optics on a telescope. Thank you all so much.

I will not repeat all the events we did this year, as the Secretaries report will cover that very important information, but we have done a few things behind the scenes that will benefit us all, now, and in the future.

After several years, we are finally coming to the finish line on our incorporation so that we will be a legal entity that can benefit in owning or leasing land. At the Annual Meeting on November 11, 2005, we will be voting on the motion that will "transfer all the assets (Equipment, Library, Bank Holdings) from the old RASC-KC to the new incorporated RASCKC Inc." The official wording on this motion will be presented by the Secretary. We will still belong to the RASC as a Centre, but this gives us the ability to strengthen and grow. There will be a board of directors, and an Executive as always, but this is a legal step we must take to give us the strong foundation to grow.

The paperwork involved each year may be a few extra hours of work for our Treasurer, but each of you as a member of the Kingston Centre has a say and a vote on how you would like to see the Centre grow and flourish. There are so many possibilities that we as a centre can do, and we need your help in making it happen. Think of where you may want an observatory located, which has been a dream of our centre for many years. How far would you be willing to drive to observe, be with friends, peruse the library, and sit to read an astronomical book from our vast library collection, or have a discussion over a cup of coffee and talk Astronomy?

Of course we do this now, in bits and pieces here and there, but being able to come together in one place is a dream that will come true. We will have much administration work to do in the next few months to help carry the reality of the dream to the next level. There are Centre bylaw updates to come inline with the National bylaws, which is a goal to have this done early next year (2006). We also want to enhance our Centre with an application for our own federal charitable status, so that we can apply for grants, and accept donations to help build a strong centre for all members and achieve the projects we wish to do.

Most importantly we have tried to keep our communication open with our membership, both present and those who have left us for one reason or another, and will extend an invitation to welcome them back. We have continued with our newsletter, Regulus, enhanced our website, and have our local email list where you talk Astronomy and find out what is going on locally day by day and major announcements to members via email. Our work on KAON (Kingston Astronomy Outreach Network) with the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy was a great success the past two years. Since this fulfills the Trillium agreement, we are currently working with Queen's again to see if we can extend this project and perhaps do a few more.

We have acquired a few new eyepieces and filters for the Equipment Loan program, and the LX200 will be a loaner scope within the next few months once the case is prepared for transport.

Everything we did this year, we did with the help from Centre members, the Executive, the novices, the armchair astronomers, to the advanced observers. We made the Centre strong with all the help of the volunteers throughout the year with all the public outreach we did, we enhanced the subject of Astronomy. The teachers of astronomy courses and instructors that, brought astronomy to the guides and scouts. We reach people in many ways, by talking about a simple astronomical event to a nonastronomer, to engaging in deep conversation about cataclysmic variable stars and novas.

I am proud to have been the President of the Kingston Centre in 2005, and I am proud to see how it has evolved over the years, and how it has grown and flourished and will continue to grow. We are about to start down a new road, one that is full of promise and hope, and I want all our members to be there when we start the walk. I am looking forward to it, and hope that you will be as well.

Thank you all for a great year, and I know that we will continue to have a great future.

Respectfully Submitted
Kim Hay
RASC-KC President 2005


This report was also printed in Regulus, 2005 November, pp.4-5.

We currently have 128 Members. Regular Meetings were held on the second Friday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in Theatre D, Stirling Hall, Queen's University.

January 14 Dr. Sun Kwok "Cosmic Butterflies"
February 11 Members Night featuring short presentations by Kim Hay, Kevin Kell, and Ken Kingdon.
March 11 Melissa Ruiters "The Globular Cluster Systems of selected Virgo Galaxies: What do they tell us?"
April 8 Peter Jedicke. "Astronomy in Hawaii: Research, Outreach, Observing - and Politics"
May 2 Dr. David Levy "I'm Dreaming Of A Moon Shadow: My Adventures With Eclipses" *special meeting in Chernoff Hall Auditorium, Queen's U.
May 13 Laura Gagne "Sirius dating in Egypt" Stephen Gagne "Reading the weather for observers"
June 10 Members Night featuring short presentations by John Hurley, Ken Kingdon, Kevin Kell, Susan Gagnon, Kim Hay, Leo Enright.
July 8 Richard Schmude "Photoelectric photometry of Jupiter"
August 12 Annual "MarkFest" BBQ at Mark Kaye's.
September 9 Members Night featuring short presentations by Ken Kingdon, Brian Hunter, Doug Angle, Leslie Roberts.
October 14 Ken Kingdon "Mars"
November 11 Annual General Meeting
November 25 "Big-Bang-Quet" Annual Awards Banquet
Dr. Bryce Bennett "Tracking Objects in Space: Orbit Determination from Kepler to CASTOR"
December 9 Paul Mortfield "The Sun and Space Weather".

Along with Astronomy Day, in 2005 the Kingston Centre offered displays and public observing at two charity events; "The Sky is the Limit Festival" and the "Relay for Life".

Kingston Centre members also held several combined presentations and observing sessions at the Little Cataraqui Conservation Area and also at two Girl Scout camps. Members visited several area schools. In addition to a member who volunteered as a judge, an award and a prize were contributed to the area Science Fair. Our monthly public observing sessions, held at the Queen's University Observatory, fulfilled the final obligations of a two-year Trillium Foundation grant. This partnership has been extremely successful, and we hope to continue this close relationship with the Queen's University Physics Department.

While "weather luck" helped to revitalize our private observing sessions, at various dark sky sites, the innovation of scheduling a "floating date" contributed to a satisfying observing year.

We had a gratifying response to the first nine-week session of our "Observational Astronomy for the Novice" course, which incorporated the RASC Prince George Centre's "NOVA" course material into our own RASCKC mini-course.

Fall 'N' Stars 2005, hosted jointly with the RASC Belleville Centre, was a wonderful weekend of observing, presentations, and a chance to meet people from several RASC Centres.

Lastly, 2005 saw an exciting milestone. "The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - Kingston Centre" has incorporated under the Ontario Incorporation Laws.

2006 Executive
President Kim Hay
Vice-President Arlyne Gillespie
Secretary Steve Hart
Treasurer Kevin Kell
National Representative John Hurley
Librarian David Maguire
Newsletter Editor Doug Angle

Respectfully submitted,
Steve Hart
Secretary, RASC - Kingston Centre

2005 Astronomy Day Photo

Astronomy Day 2005--Isabel Turner Library, Saturday April 16.

Picture taken by Kevin Kell.



This report was also printed in Regulus, 2005 November, pp.6-7.

The 2004-2005 financial year was another year in the black. We have finished off our 2 year Trillium Foundation Grant, become incorporated, and are in the process of applying for federal charitable status. Within the near future I believe we will be able to establish an observatory site and enhance our observing and public education ability to a new level. The following report will appear in the RASC Annual Report 2005, out in the spring of 2006.

Annual Centre Treasurer Report
2005 November 11
2004 October 01 - 2005 September 30

Membership Fees Regular 2400
Membership Fees Youth 0
Membership Fees Surcharge 575
Membership Fees Associate 15
Membership Fees Life 180
Donations 269
Fundraising/Grants 9465
Educational Activities 2245
Interest 582
Sales of OH 90
Sales of Calendars 1090
Sales of BOGs 40
Sales of Other 16
Subscription S&T & Astronomy 209
Sales of Promo 71
Star Parties 1830
Annual Dinner 1085
Total Income 20162
Library 137
Publications Newsletter 874
Publications OH 0
Publications BOG 444
Publications Calendar 1088
Publications Other 32
Events Meetings 0
Events Star Parties 1607
Events Annual Dinner 1387
Events AstroDay 63
RASC promo items 151
Equipment & Supplies  
Office Admin 272
Advertising 434
General Expenses & Audit 351
Educational Activities 10857
Insurance 0
Awards and Donations 660
Observatory Equipment/maintenance 1439
Total Expenses 19796
Surplus or Deficit on Operations 366
Assets year start 18423
Surplus or Deficit on Operations 366
Assets year end 18789



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National Council Rep

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Web Operations

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Observing Group

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Amateur Telescope Making Group

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Awards Group

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Publicity Group

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Education Group

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Light Pollution Abatement

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